How do I add a specific interest or source to my Home feed?

Daily Kick is all about you choosing exactly what you want to read. Swipe down on your Home feed to open your Menu, and then tap on “Add Interests” - this will show you a list of interests that Daily Kick thinks are relevant to you based on what you’ve read. You can add as many of these as you like to your Home feed by tapping on them. If you know exactly what you are looking for, use the search bar in the Menu to find it. If those interests are present in Daily Kick, you’ll see them in the search results and you will be able to add them to your Home feed by tapping on them and then tapping on ‘Add to Home’.

How do I remove a specific interest or source from My Interests?

Press on the tile you would like to remove until an X appears in the top right corner. Press X to remove the selected tile.

Is there a way to block stories from a certain source, or about a certain topic from my Home feed?

Yes, there is. To mute a particular source or interest you just have to tap ‘thumbs-down’ on any story produced by the source, or relevant to the interest you want to block, then tap ‘Let us know why’ and then choose the subject from the list of options provided. If you do not see the subject you would like to mute in the drop-down menu - please tell us about it via Menu > Settings > Feedback > Send Feedback option in the app or send an email to support@dailykick.co.za.

Can I add an RSS feed to Daily Kick myself?

This is not possible at the moment, but if you think there is something missing from Daily Kick - please send us a link to it at support@dailykick.co.za. The source will be reviewed and added within a few days if it complies with our content policies.

I want to use Daily Kick on another device, but I am afraid to lose my interests and preferences. What should I do?

To secure your profile on Daily Kick including all your reading history, interests, mutes, saved stories etc., you just have to make sure you have a Daily Kick account. You can sign up to Daily Kick by going to Menu > Settings > Sign in and then either associating your Facebook/Twitter/Google account with Daily Kick or creating a new one with your email and a password of choice. After that you can use the same account on any devices or on the web.

What languages does Daily Kick support?

At the moment Daily Kick supports English.

Is there an option to organise my feed in chronological order?

The way that Daily Kick ranks stories takes both freshness and relevance into account, so sometimes, a more important, but older, story will be ranked higher than a fresher, but less relevant story. There can be thousands of stories potentially relevant to you whenever you open the app, so a pure chronological sort would be less effective.

Your content representation seems biased to me! What’s your agenda here really?

Daily Kick uses a number of algorithms to analyse content, understand your preferences and create a personalised newsfeed for each user. To remove any potential bias, there is intentionally very little human participation in this process. That said, bias is a very complex and often subjective concept that machines do not easily understand, and every reader has a somewhat different perception of which content is biased or unbiased. Daily Kick’s algorithms are definitely not perfect (and likely never will be) at filtering out biased content, but we are committed to improving them as much as we possibly can - if you feel that your feed is biased, we would greatly appreciate it if you send us a note with some examples of biased content to support@dailykick.co.za.

Your app crashes/freezes/works too slowly/images and texts are missing. What’s going on?

First of all make sure that it’s not a connectivity problem on your side. If other apps work well and you’re sure it’s not just flaky Wi-Fi, check the App Store/Google Play to make sure you are running the latest version of Daily Kick available for your OS. If you are, please report the problem to us. The best way to do it is by going to the Menu > Settings > Feedback > Send Feedback inside the app - Daily Kick will automatically add some basic info about your device and account to the email and it will help us to investigate the issue faster. In case that’s not possible (the app just won’t open, for example), please contact us at support@dailykick.co.za. Any details on your type of account (Facebook/Google/Twitter/Email) as well as on OS and device (or web browser if you’re having trouble with the web version of Daily Kick) you’re using will be much appreciated.

What happens when I enable/disable JavaScript?

Disabling JavaScript will turn off JavaScript support in the web view of articles you open - this can break some of the articles that rely on JavaScript to operate, but could also increase stability and speed, especially on older versions of Android.

What is an ‘e-mail digest’? What content is included in the ‘e-mail digest’?

The e-mail digest is a daily email delivered to you with the top stories of the day, based on your interests in Daily Kick.

I want to stop getting email digests from Daily Kick. How do I unsubscribe?

There is an ‘Unsubscribe’ link in the bottom right corner of every email digest we send you. Tap/click on it and digests will stop coming in. In case they don’t, please report it to us at support@dailykick.co.za.

There’s no solution to my problem here. I also have some great ideas on how to make Daily Kick even better. What should I do?

Please contact us via the Menu > Settings > Feedback > Send Feedback option in the app or send an email to support@dailykick.co.za.

Your opinion is important to us. Thank you for making Daily Kick better!